Airtightness measurement of large buildings

What needs to be considered when measuring the air permeability of large and/or tall buildings? Our long-standing engineer Stefanie Rolfsmeier has acquired extensive knowledge as a member of the international measurement team of the Triiiple Towers in Vienna, which she has shared in numerous lectures in German and English. 
(March 2024)

Messung der Luftdichtheit von Hochhäusern > 100 m Höhe

Airtightness Tests in Tall Buildings 

Measurement with several DG-700: New cable drum

The crux often lies in the details, and we have revised these in the cable drum for the serial data cable RS232 (50 m): The connectors can now be attached to the housing with clamps (improved transport protection). The metal connectors can be screwed together for greater stability, and the length of the cable can be extended to a total of 400 m by connecting eight 50 m cables. If required, the cable can be detached from the drum, for example for easier installation in stairwells.
(January 2024)

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Manufacturer's calibration (1 point) for BlowerDoor MiniFan

The manufacturer's calibration (1-point) according to the manufacturer's specification is now also available for the BlowerDoor MiniFan measuring fan (DuctBlaster model). One measured value is calibrated per measuring orifice. The ISO 9972 requirement for measuring system accuracy of ± 7 % is assessed. The preceding basic maintenance and functional test is included. We calibrate on request and ask you to register to ensure short calibration times.
(November 2023)

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New: Calibration of BlowerDoor fans (1-point) according to manufacturer's specification

New at BlowerDoor from April 2023 is the calibration (1-point) according to manufacturer's specification for the BlowerDoor Standard (Model 4) measuring fan. One measured value is calibrated per measuring orifice. The requirement of ISO 9972 for the accuracy of the measuring systems of ± 7 % is assessed. A previous basic maintenance and functional test is included. We calibrate according to date request and ask for registration, in order to ensure short calibration times of max. 5 working days.

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EN 13829 - ISO 9972:2015

Overview of the main changes introduced by the current measurement standard ISO 9972:2015, which supersedes the previous standard EN 13829.

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25th International Passive House Conference

The 25th International Passive House Conference will take place in two parts this year: From September 10 - 12, 2021, an on-site event is planned at the Historische Stadthalle in Wuppertal with an accompanying trade exhibition, live stream included. On 14 and 15 Septbemer, the second part of the conference will take place as an online-only event. Don't miss it: Lecture by Dipl.-Ing. Stefanie Rolfsmeier (BlowerDoor GmbH) on September 14 "The air permeability measurement of a 125 m high-rise building". Interested parties can participate in the Passive House Conference both on site and online.


12 International BuildAir Symposium

June 25 - 26, 2021
Bilingual online conference

BuildAir Symposium

FireProtection 2021

With the free programme, you can work cloud-based on several computers and with several employees of a team or a group of companies. The new pricing structure adapts to customer requirements with the charging of one token per project and is easy to calculate. Every new customer also receives a free sample measurement to familiarise themselves with the intuitive programme.

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Excel Calculation Tool

According to ISO 9972, a natural pressure difference of 5 Pascal must be maintained for a standard-compliant BlowerDoor measurement. To estimate the natural pressure differences at the building envelope due to thermal effects, we have developed a great Excel calculation tool for you and made it available in the


Wind effects on the building envelope

How do the forces of wind affect the building envelope? What differences can be observed on one or more of the outer walls? How can the measurement setup for long-term measurements looks like? We have pursued these questions and have compiled them for you in a short


30 Years of BlowerDoor - 30 Applications and Measurement Methods

There was a lot of positive feedback on our 30 short presentations published to celebrate the 30-year success story of the Minneapolis BlowerDoor in Europe from March to October 2019. Read all abstracts at

30 anni BlowerDoor

Get the TEC Auto Test App now!

The TEC Auto Test app allows you to wirelessly connect with a DG-1000 oder DG-700 pressure gauge to conduct an automated airtightness test of a building according to ISO 9972.

How to measure very airtight buildings

The excellent quality of the building envelope or the apartment envelope with air exchange rates of 0.6 h-1 and smaller are new challenges for measuring teams during the performance of the air permeability measurement, which can be mastered with knowledge of the measuring procedure and patience. In her article Dipl.-Ing. Stefanie Rolfsmeier explained how the measuring procedure looks like in such cases and gives recommendations on how to achieve reliable and repeatable measurement results. The article is available to our customers in the

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New: The Spray Bar

Now available at BlowerDoor GmbH: The SPRAY BAR - a robust spraying system that creates a steady, closed film of water to simulate driving rain on building envelopes.

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Calibration at BlowerDoor GmbH

Benefit from the calibration of your BlowerDoor fans and your BlowerDoor pressure gauges with DAkkS-certificate if needed! Adjustment is always included.

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