BlowerDoor webinars

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BlowerDoor Test of Residential Buildings

  • Legal requirements according to EN ISO 9972
  • Calculation of the air change rate n50/nL50
  • Calculation of the building volume
  • Building preparation
  • The modular BlowerDoor measurement system
  • Leakage detection
  • Automated BlowerDoor test

Wednesday, 18/08/2021
Wednesday, 22/09/2021
Wednesday, 27/10/2021
Wednesday, 17/11/2021
Wednesday, 15/12/2021

always at 2.00 PM

    BlowerDoor MultipleFan

    BlowerDoor Measurements in large Buildings

    • Determining the necessary number of BlowerDoor fans
    • Particularities in building preparation and leakage detection, e.g. thermal imaging
    • Conducting a BlowerDoor Measurement with two or more BlowerDoor fans using the software TECLOG 4
    • Assessing and evaluating data, documenting measurements
    • Explanations as to problems and obstacles measurement teams may encounter at construction sites
    • Cost estimation

    Wednesday, 14/07/2021 at 02:00 PM


    One-day seminars

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    Introduction to BlowerDoor Testing
    according to ISO 9972 and EN 13829

    BlowerDoor MultipleFan
    Airtightness measurement in large buildings