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1. Informazione sul prodotto  
Scheda informativa Corporate flyer BlowerDoor GmbH Download BlowerDoor Standard / BlowerDoor MiniFan Download BlowerDoor MultipleFan Download Datasheet Calibration Download Data sheet Ba  
2. 24-05-BD-Imagebroschuere-EN_lr.pdf  
Minneapolis BlowerDoor Measuring Systems for Airtightness Airtight building and renovation Ensuring energy efficiency Improved indoor air quality Protection against convective moisture damage Pre  
3. BD-Datenblatt_Calibration_en_lr.pdf  
Minneapolis YEARS BlowerDoor Calibration of the BlowerDoor measuring systems Ensure the high precision of the BlowerDoor measuring technology through regular calibration. We offer either manufactur  
4. Manometri BlowerDoor  
Calibration of BlowerDoor Pressure Gauges The measuring service provider is responsible for the faultless functioning and the accuracy of the measuring devices used. Ensure the excellent measuring ac  
5. Ventilatori BlowerDoor  
Calibration of BlowerDoor Fans NEW: Manufacturer's calibration (1-point) We offer manufacturer's calibration (1-point) for the measuring fans BlowerDoor Standard (model 4) and BlowerDoor MiniFan (  
6. BD-Datenblatt_Spraybar_en_lr.pdf  
Minneapolis YEARS BlowerDoor SPRAY BAR This robust spraying system has been developed for mobile use at construction sites and creates a steady, closed film of water to simulate driving rain on bui  
7. BD-Datenblatt_MLM_en_lr.pdf  
Minneapolis YEARS BlowerDoor Minneapolis Micro Leakage Meter An airtight building envelope is an important prerequisite for implementing up-to-date energy designs in new buildings as well as durin  
8. BD-Datenblatt_MultipleFan_en_lr.pdf  
Minneapolis YEARS BlowerDoor Minneapolis BlowerDoor MultipleFan The BlowerDoor MultipleFan measuring system with three measuring fans was designed for airtightness measurement of large industrial  
9. BD-Datenblatt_Standard-MiniFan_en_lr.pdf  
Minneapolis YEARS BlowerDoor Minneapolis BlowerDoor Standard | BlowerDoor MiniFan Minneapolis BlowerDoor measurement systems are characterized by maximum accuracy and outstanding durability. Due t  
10. BD-Datenblatt_DG-1000_en_lr.pdf  
Minneapolis YEARS BlowerDoor The DG-1000 pressure gauge The innovative pressure gauge DG-1000 convinces with its intuitive use, clear structure, and modern design. Its high-resolution touch screen  
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